Positive Commands

# F. J. Villatoro #

Positive Commands

A command is an instruction or an order to do something. Remember there are four ways of saying 'you' in Spanish, so there are four command forms.

For the TU, USTED and USTEDES forms, remove the -O of the yo form of the present tense before adding the endings.

For the VOSOTROS form remove the -R from the infinitive before adding the ending.

-ar hablar Habla Hable Hablen Hablad
-er comer Come Coma Coman Comed
-ir escribir Escribe Escriba Escriban Escribid

Por ejemplo:

Marta, habla más despacio > Marta speak more slowly.

David y Pablo comed las verdures > David and Pablo eat your vegetables.

Señor Villatoro pase por aquí > Mr Villatoro come this way

NB: The rules above also apply to verbs which are irregular in the YO form of the present tense and to stem-changing verbs.

The following verbs have their irregular parts highlighted in blue:

to say decir Di Decid Diga Digan
to do hacer Haz Haced Haga Hagan
to go ir Ve Id Vaya Vayan
to put poner Pon Poned Ponga Pongan
to go out salir Sal Salid Salga Salgan
to be ser Sed Sea Sean
to be estar Está Estad Esté Estén
to have tener Ten Tened Tenga Tengan
to come venir Ven Venid Venga Vengan