Las Tapas

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Las Tapas

tapasSpain is famous for its tapas bars. Rumour has it that tapas was invented as a means to make your drink last longer. As dinner is eaten late, tapas makes a useful snack and is still regarded as informal, street-style food, although it is also served in high-class restaurants.

Tapas can range from traditional hams or mussels on cocktail sticks to carefully stuffed anchovy olives or octopus. The variety is amazing, but what makes tapas a real delight is the dips and sauces that accompany each mouthful. Toast rubbed with garlic, topped with tuna and roasted peppers and dripping with olive oil is just one example. Alternatively, you might have a piece of Manchego cheese or baby-octopus, dipped in bean oil with chilli.

The best thing about preparing tapas is that it is so easy and quick. For example, vegetables can be chopped and covered in mayonnaise, spiced oil, or marinade sauces. Thin slices of ham and chunks of cheese can be served with dried bread or biscuits.