The present participle (the gerund)

# F. J. Villatoro #

The present participle (the gerund)

The present participle is the part of the verb that ends in -ING in English.

For example: I spend two hours a night studying.

To form this in Spanish take the infinitive and ...:

REMOVE -ar ADD -ando
-er -iendo
-ir -iendo

Por ejemplo:

Jugar (to play) -> jugANDO (playing)

Comer (to eat) -> comIENDO (eating)

Escribir (to write) -> escrIBIENDO (writing)

Use the verb PASAR (to spend) to show how much time you spend doing something.

Por ejemplo:

¿Cuánto tiempo pasas estudiando?

Paso dos horas estudiando