The Imperfect Subjunctive

# F. J. Villatoro #

The Imperfect Subjunctive

There is only one set of endings in the imperfect subjunctive, regardless if the verb ends in -AR, -IR or -ER.

Yo ra
Él, ella, usted ra
Nosotros* 'ramos
Vosotros rais
Ellos, Ellas, Uds. ran

* Note: the Nosotros form has an accent on the vowel that immediately precedes the "r" in "-ramos."

You form the imperfect subjunctive by taking the third person plural (Ellos, ellas, ustedes) form of the preterite past tense, and then adding the appropriate Imperfect subjunctive ending.

For example:

1) Tener
2) Tuvieron (the Preterite 3rd person plural)
3) Drop the "-ron" ending: tuvie-
4) Add one of the appropriate "-ra / -ras / -ra / -'ramos / -rais / -ran" endings

Examples of the Imperfect Subjunctive:

Hablar Comer Vivir
Yo hablara comiera viviera
hablaras comieras vivieras
Él, ella, usted hablara comiera viviera
Nosotros habláramos comiéramos viviéramos
Vosotros hablarais comierais vivierais
Ellos, ellas, Uds. hablaran comieran vivieran

NOTE: There are two different endings for the Imperfect Subjunctive, ie -RA (the one dealt here) and -SE endings which is dealt with in another unit.