languages online – the good and the not so good

The good: languages online offers interactive, differentiated and varied tasks to support language learning. Pupils can work at their own pace, receive feedback on their performance and have the opportunity to correct their mistakes. Language is recycled within units to provide as much varied practice as possible.

The not so good: Teachers cannot easily track the progress of their pupils, unless they stand behind them and watch what they are doing (!) or ask them to print out screen shots of completed tasks (heaven forbid!). I know that setting homework on languages online is popular, but the problem is that a student’s work cannot be traced, teachers do not know how pupils have handled their homework (if they have done it at all!) and they cannot export data.

This is all about to change – I’m really proud to introduce languages online extra.

What is “Extra” about languages online extra?

languages online extra will be a subscription based service. Schools and teachers will be able to purchase access to materials suitable for a particular year group, as presented on languages online currently, but on languages online extra they will be able to see exactly what is going on at all times, tracking pupil work and progress at every step. Homework need no longer involve any element of uncertainty – it will mark itself and allow you to view the results. Teachers will be provided with usernames and passwords, as well as access codes and instructions to give to their pupils for them to be able to enrol themselves into languages online extra. Workload for the teacher will be minimal.

Once both teacher and pupils are enrolled, the teacher will have full access to trace their pupils’ work. They can assign homework tasks, make sure they are completed and export results and data, into Excel spreadsheets, for example.

But that is not all…

New Features – Incentivising your Pupils

Teachers will also be able to use new features on languages online extra to encourage their pupils to complete their homework and reward them for doing so:

Play Homework Lotto: Decide how many homeworks you want to play lotto for over a year (10 or 15). Print out and give each student one of the lotto cards at the beginning of the year (provided), which they stick into their exercise books. Each time you set a homework, link the tasks you set to the next lotto number, as per instructions. Once a pupil has completed all of the homework the next lotto number will appear on their page. Once they have ticked off all four numbers on their card, they can claim a prize (which you’ll need to provide – I find mini boxes of Smarties or equivalent go down rather well!). By the end of the number of weeks chosen, all pupils will have won a prize.

Activity Completion Badges: languages online extra will provide you with a range of language specific badges which you can link to a series of tasks you set for homework. Once the homework is completed, the badge will appear on a student’s page. By clicking the badge, pupils can learn more about that aspect of the country being studied.

Points Competition: languages online extra grade book will keep a running total of points scored in exercises by pupils, for each section, and for the overall course total. You could use this to run competitions between your pupils, maybe offering prizes or house points for the highest scoring pupils for each half term / term / year / section. You probably won't set all of the exercises for homework, but if your pupils do extra ones, you can keep track of their effort and they can earn more points.

Advert free: Being a paid for service, languages online extra will be free of advertising.

Any time, Anywhere. Homework – sorted.

Pupils can work on any tasks at any time, and teachers can track their activity and progress. Alternatively teachers can hide irrelevant material and only let their pupils see what they want them to at any given time. Teachers might choose to use the resources in class, and then have access to clear evidence of progress. There are so many possibilities, not currently available on languages online. languages online extra will also be available with an App version for use on all mobile devices.

How will languages online extra be organized:

Resources will be arranged into and offered as “courses”. All resources suitable for First Year Learning, for example, (as on languages online) will be included on a course aimed at pupils beginning the language. All resources will be uniquely numbered for ease of reference and set up with default pass marks (75%). An empty box on the right indicates that a task has not been attempted yet.

A green tick will appear on a pupil’s page once a task is completed to the pass mark or higher. A red cross will appear if they have had a go at but have not completed the task to the pass mark:

Screen Shot 1

Pupils can view their progress in their own gradebook:

Screen Shot 1

Teachers can view pupil progress in the gradebook. A green result indicates a task which has been passed. A red result indicates one which has not.

What will languages online extra look like and how will it work?

Click here to view course mock up screenshots

How much will subscription cost?

Various pricing options will be offered for languages online extra:

Class subscription:

Schools can sign up individual classes.

This costs, per academic year for access to a teaching year’s worth of resources:

£25 per class, each of up to 35 pupils

Year group subscription:

Schools can sign up a whole year group of classes to access a teaching year’s worth of resources:

This costs:

£130 for up to 6 classes, each of up to 35 pupils
£160 for up to 9 classes, each of up to 35 pupils
£200 for up to 12 classes, each of up to 35 pupils

Access for more classes can be organised on request.

Individual Subscription:

Individual subscriptions are offered for access to a year’s worth of resources. This costs:

£5 per user

Terms and Conditions

Click here to view Terms and Conditions.

What will be available on languages online extra and when?

In the first instance, I am planning to offer French First Year Learning, French Second Year Learning and Spanish First Year Learning resources, as currently available on languages online, but with all the extra features. More will follow in due course.

It is my aim for the above courses on languages online extra to be available from September 2017.

French - First Year Learning - Full list of Contents

Click here to view the List of Contents for this course

French - Second Year Learning - Full list of Contents

Click here to view the List of Contents for this course

Spanish - First Year Learning - Full list of Contents

Click here to view the List of Contents for this course

How do I sign up?

Schools can click here to access the schools order form. Once you have placed an order, an invoice will then be sent to the school contact via e-mail with payment information (via bank transfer). Once payment is received your languages online extra account will be prepared for you. Subscriptions will last for one academic year.

Individuals can click here to find out more about how to subscribe, with payment via Paypal or Credit card. Subscriptions will last for one academic year.

Have a question or comment?

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Andrew Balaam