Questions - Verb comes second after a question word 2

# A. C. Balaam #

Kannst du die Fragen übersetzen? Zieh die Wörter in die Kästchen.Can you translate the questions? Drag the words to the gaps.
   bleiben      dein Bruder      du      es      fährt      gibt      isst      kommst      sie      Was      Wie lange      Wie viel Käse      wir      Woher      Wohin   
REMEMBER: The verb comes second after a question word.
1. How long are we staying in Berlin? in Berlin?
2. How much cheese is there in the fridge? im Kühlschrank?
3. Where do you come from? ?
4. Where is you brother going to on Saturday? am Samstag?
5. What does she like eating most of all? am liebsten?