Comparatives 2 - Translations

# A. C. Balaam #

Vollende die Sätze mit den Komparativen!
Die Adjektive findest du oben.

Vergiß nicht: einige brauchen einen Umlaut! Complete the sentences with the necessary comparatives.
The basic adjectives are given at the top of the page to help you.

Remember: some will need an umlaut on the vowel.
schön - jung - gesund - interessant - alt

This task is case sensitive, so check where CAPITAL LETTERS are needed!

1. Fruit is much healthier than cake with cream!
1. viel als mit !
2. My girlfriend is more beautiful than your girlfriend.
2. Meine ist als .
3. My grandmother is older than my mother.
3. .
4. My brother is younger than my father. (brother and father are both nominative)
4. .
5. Maths is more interesting than English.
5. .