Present Tense Verbs ending in -ELN

# A. C. Balaam #

Present Tense Verbs ending in -ELN

A number of verbs in German end in -ELN in the infinitive.

They form their present tense very slightly differently - instead of taking off the -EN, we remove the -N, with the exception of the ich form, which also drops the "e".

The endings are the same as for weak verbs:

Here is the pattern:

sammle - to collect
ich sammle
du sammelst
er sammelt
wir sammeln
ihr sammelt
sie sammeln

The following verbs are practised in this Verb Buster:

sammeln - to collect
angeln - to fish
kegeln - to bowl
basteln - to make things with your hands / do DIY
bügeln - to iron
rodeln - to toboggan
klingeln - to ring