p107 Ex4 a et b - Forum des jeunes: Des problèmes

# A. C. Balaam #

Il y a deux sections - les instructions pour chacune sont ci-dessous.There are two sections - the instructions for each are below.
Voici des problèmes. Choisis la bonne réponse (a-d).Here are some problems. Choose the correct answer (a-d).

1. c 2. 3. 4.

Trouve l'équivalent en français. Find the equivalent expression in French.

1. I'm worried
2. carefully
3. (they) made fun of me
4. it was a pain
5. I sunbathed
6. to try contact lenses
7. sugary drinks
8. I chew sugar-free gum
9. don't worry
10. to get rid of spots
11. skin cancer
if you haven't protected yourself