p114 Ex2 - L'alimentation

# A. C. Balaam #

To keep fit we need to eat sensibly! Everyone knows that.
Here is an extract from a national guide for young people.
Read the article, then do the activities below.
1. This article tells you to ...
a. eat more f and v,
b. eat less su and sa,
c. do more .
2. What do you think these words and expressions mean?
a. C'est évident! = It's .
b. C'est nécessaire! = It's .
c. être en forme = to be
d. des sucreries = sugary things
TT1_p114_Ex2b.jpg3. From the article find the French expressions for:
a. to keep fit =
b. do exercise every day =
c. the important thing = L'
d. a bit of variety =
e. but not too much =
4. Choose a good way to end these sentences. Use words from the box to help you.
a. Ne mangez pas trop de . b. Mangez beaucoup de .