lire - dire - écrire

# A. C. Balaam #

Complète les trois verbes! Tire les mots aux cases. Complete the three verbs! Drag the words to the boxes.

Lire, Dire and Écrire are all irregular verbs, but they follow a very similar pattern.
The infinitive of all three verbs ends in -RE, but in the first three parts (je, tu, il) they are more like -IR verbs.
The second three parts behave largely like -RE (and -ER) verbs.
The exception to this is the VOUS form of DIRE which is completely irregular, and one of very few which doesn't end in a Z.
   écris      écrivez      écrivons      dis      disent      disons      dit      lis      lisent      lisez      lit   
Please read the explanation above, then spot the similarities between these three verbs!

lire - to readdire - to sayécrire - to write
je lisje j'écris
tu tu distu
il il il écrit
nous lisonsnous nous
vous vous ditesvous
ils ils ils écrivent